Monday, February 8, 2010

Thesis Ideas

This is just the beginning of my thought process for my thesis. Here are the following ideas that i plan to execute in the near future. So far I am gearing more towards my Idea number 2.

Thesis Ideas:

Idea 1

A short film based on a character who is a young lady trying to find her true self. Unlike her kind, humble, and soft personality everyone takes advantage of her. Finally she is pushed to the limit and get’s frustrated enough to no longer embrace her natural personality. Instead to get respect she eventually creates her own alter ego of herself to longer be a pushover. Her new alter ego becomes the total opposite of her personality in order to demand and get what she wants and deserve. Character is a real person in an environment that will be CG related.

Idea 2

A walking ticking clock that eventually explodes. A CG ticking clock walks a particular path towards a junkyard up the road. (Ticking clock is supposed to go to the junkyard to vacate and relax for it is a retired and old clock) During its walk it passes by real characters that speaks, and yells, and whispers unwanted thoughts into the ears of the this ticking clock. The ticking clock eventually takes in all these verbal abuse from these real characters. Unfortunately before the ticking clock can reach its destination it explodes into pieces. Environment would be a futuristic CG landscape.

Idea 3

A character that lives her life sheltered. Where nothing in her world goes wrong. Everything around her is perfect. Lives a life where there are no such things as sadness, disappointment, and no bad news. Only to notice at one point happens to see a robber. After she witnesses a robber she automatically goes into shock and wake up to realize she was living a dream and not a fairytale. Characters are real in a CG environment.

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