Sunday, January 30, 2011

Revised thesis

The narrative thesis has been officially revised. New theme, new idea, new storyline. Please stay posted.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Revised Thesis

Time Will Tell

The theme is a narrative piece regarding ‘time’. Real footage of a butterfly enters into the scene. During the butterfly flight the time of day gradually changes from daybreak to midnight. As the butterfly travels the tail end of the butterfly sprinkles sparkles of dust particles towards the ground. The particles of dust eventually land on the rooftop of a 3d model house. Inside that house shows a real child going to sleep within his or her room. Gender not yet decided. The butterfly reappears into the child bedroom and flies right past the child. As the child falls asleep the butterfly leaves the room and then the scene fades out.

The breakdown includes real footage of the butterfly, and the child falling asleep in bed. The environment will have a slow change of daybreak, sunrise, noonday, afternoon, evening and then finally to midnight. That will be the use of matte painting as well as the other elements that would be added into the environment such as the valleys, mountains, rocks, trees, bushes, and possibly a lake view. The house will be a 3d model. The mood will have a realistic feel to it.

Overall this short will include green screen, matte painting, CG model, matchmove, color correction, depth of field, rotoscoping, and etc. to show the use of digital marriage. Inspiration is based of the following clips:


Monday, March 15, 2010

Julia Wedderburn
Preproduction: ANM 670-OL2: Modelers & VFX
Module 6
Reference List

Okay since my clock concept has been approved, until I work on expanding more ideas towards this project. So far I have an idea for the character, and the environment.

The character of the clock will have a combination of the two images below. The top head of the first image and the body of the second image; the gender of the clock is not yet determined. The idea of the clock is an antique so it’s fairly old.

The environment is going to have a surrealists / fantasy look. Of course including a pathway in which the Character of the clock will follow towards it’s destination.

There the destination includes an open field (fantasy) similar to the image with the rainbow. In that open field may have old junk (junk yard) placed into that open field.


Color Environment

(Surrealists vibrant colors)

Character Design



Thursday, March 11, 2010

New Concepts

Change of plans as instructed my previous ideas were to complicated to execute. I would love suggestions on either of these new ideas to consider.

Idea 1 - A real person sits at a table thinking where he or she wants to be. The person blinks and appears to be place in that particular environment. (Ex. thinks of New York and after blinking appears to stand in New York, New York background would be CG environment).

Idea 2- A real person walks into a CG environment with the expression of 'wonder' on he or she face because the environment is a surrealists place.

Idea 3- I myself will sit down in a CG living room.

Idea 4- Placing a real plant onto a CG table in a CG kitchen.

Idea 5- A real person walking on top of a CG building. Background of city would be a matte painted background.

Monday, February 22, 2010

My idea for my thesis is to be produced solo by me. I would basically be all in one if possible. The works of the writer, director, cinematographer, location scouts, I would do all costuming, etc. My plan is cast my actors and actresses, and shoot the scenes myself. I would storyboard my idea out first and show how I would accomplish each shot (short sequence). I would build my sets to make my scenes. Green screen work would definitely be involved in this short. The clock would be modeled and animated by me as well. I believe I could pull it off to how I want this short to be successfully done.

If by any chance it does not work out that I can do all of this on my own, I would seek help eventually before it is too late. However, another idea that I have considered to do as a back up plan for my thesis is to go with my car commercial. I would model a unique 3D vehicle and place it into a city like, desert like, or fantasy like background. Using my modeling, editing and compositing skills.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

There were two other Ideas I had in the past that have I jotted down when I first started my program here at AAU.

First Concept:
Was a car commercial showing both the skills of a CG luxury car in a realistically or 3D environment background; either city like or futuristic background theme. The CG vehicle would show the skills of compositing. Also, special effects would be used to enhance the commercial itself.

Second Concept:
Was a music video which would include a CG model of myself placed into a futuristic / fantasy theme background. Skills would also include green screen compositing as well as CG model.

Monday, February 8, 2010

New idea that crossed my mind I may consider as well. Idea 4 Real marshal art actors fighting in a scene of a virtual set; however, the set continues to switch from set to set (scene to scene).