Monday, March 15, 2010

Julia Wedderburn
Preproduction: ANM 670-OL2: Modelers & VFX
Module 6
Reference List

Okay since my clock concept has been approved, until I work on expanding more ideas towards this project. So far I have an idea for the character, and the environment.

The character of the clock will have a combination of the two images below. The top head of the first image and the body of the second image; the gender of the clock is not yet determined. The idea of the clock is an antique so it’s fairly old.

The environment is going to have a surrealists / fantasy look. Of course including a pathway in which the Character of the clock will follow towards it’s destination.

There the destination includes an open field (fantasy) similar to the image with the rainbow. In that open field may have old junk (junk yard) placed into that open field.


Color Environment

(Surrealists vibrant colors)

Character Design



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