Monday, February 22, 2010

My idea for my thesis is to be produced solo by me. I would basically be all in one if possible. The works of the writer, director, cinematographer, location scouts, I would do all costuming, etc. My plan is cast my actors and actresses, and shoot the scenes myself. I would storyboard my idea out first and show how I would accomplish each shot (short sequence). I would build my sets to make my scenes. Green screen work would definitely be involved in this short. The clock would be modeled and animated by me as well. I believe I could pull it off to how I want this short to be successfully done.

If by any chance it does not work out that I can do all of this on my own, I would seek help eventually before it is too late. However, another idea that I have considered to do as a back up plan for my thesis is to go with my car commercial. I would model a unique 3D vehicle and place it into a city like, desert like, or fantasy like background. Using my modeling, editing and compositing skills.

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